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Sunday, 14 February 2016

I'm secretly a wannabe foodie. People never expect this of me, since they'll often see me eating small portions on an normal every day basis. However, in the right time, place, and situation I am just absolutely obsessed with food. Brunch would always be my favourite meal of the day. My dream job would be something that allows me to live in London, and dine out there all the time.

My favourite book is Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. So much so that I've read it every single Summer since I turned 17. I'm a really terrible reader, often reading multiple non-fiction books at once. I've convinced myself I'll never find something to read that's as good as this book.

I've never needed to be told to eat my greens. Most children, at the supermarket, will cry for comics and sweets. But what did I used to cry for? Broccoli. If you think I'm joking, ask my parents. I was a fussy eater as a young child, mostly with things like meat, but I have always been a fan of vegetables - Particularly green ones! I was a vegetarian for a year as an experiment to see if it would make me feel good inside. It definitely worked and although I do eat meat again now occasionally, the majority of the time I will opt for fish or vegetarian food instead.

I'm a fashion designer, and I've shown my work on the catwalk in London. Well, I did Fashion Design as my degree at University and showed my Graduate collection at the Old Truman Brewery for Graduate Fashion Week. It sounds much less impressive when I put it like that, but this is still one of my greatest achievements (that and graduating with First class honours!)

I love music and collect vinyl. As a teenager, music was always my biggest passion. I spent all my pocket money on CDs and gig tickets for my favourite bands. I've always been a firm believer of buying physical copies of my music and going to live concerts, supporting the artists and enabling them to carry on doing what they love as a career. I've since moved onto the more expensive habit of vinyl shopping, since I feel that it adds more value to the whole experience of listening to music. Some of my favourite artists include Patrick Wolf, Honeyblood, Wolf Alice, The Strokes, The Duke Spirit, Superfood and Au Revoir Simone to name just a handful. I also listen to a lot of the same bands my parents loved when they were my age. However, my favourite band of all time is We Are Scientists - I've seen them perform live a total of 9 times.

London is my favourite place in the world. While I haven't travelled many places or even been out of Europe, I still love London more than anywhere I've ever been. I've learned to love this place and also how to navigate around it with ease. I don't know if I'll ever be able to stop exploring this city, which is one of the things I absolutely adore about it.

My star sign is Gemini (a very typical one, I'm told) I'm quite interested in astrology and definitely see how people's personality traits can be linked to their particular signs. Mine is all about duality and communication. There's this great little twitter feed (@ispeakgemini) which constantly posts so many things I can really relate to as a Gemini.

Going to the bar? I'll have a Gin & Tonic. It's my absolute favourite drink in the world and I've managed to convince myself that the botanicals mean it's healthy too. I like a lot of different gins, but my go-to is a double Hendricks garnished with cucumber (Not lime!). I also once lived around the corner from a gin palace which was pretty fantastic.

I have very, very, very long eyelashes. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if my eyelashes were real, then I might be able to pay off some of my student loan. Yes - They're real and completely natural. I don't get extensions, wear false lashes or do anything special to them to get this length. Sometimes I think it doesn't even make a huge amount of difference if I use an expensive mascara or not - But just incase you were curious, I am currently using Urban Decay Perversion mascara, which I think is really nice and not too heavy.

Children think I'm Elsa from Frozen. I've had bleached white blonde hair for a while now and ever since the film Frozen was released, I've had a number of children staring at me before asking if I'm Queen Elsa (much to the embarrassment of their parents). I think it's absolutely adorable, though it's happened a few times now that my Mum reckons I should start charging for appearances at children's birthday parties as my graduate job.

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  1. You're so lucky to have naturally long lashes! I would love that. I'm also pretty interested in star signs, I'm a Pisces and I think it's scary sometimes how similar I am to the typical 'pisces' descriptions.