TREND // Monochromatic Maximalism

Monday, 18 January 2016

I quite enjoyed studying Sociology at A-level, but was even more interested when I found out, during my degree, that there are people who actually write theories about fashion. One theory which seems pretty applicable to a lot of thing is that something can only get so extreme until it tips over and swings into the opposite. I have no idea who even first suggested that, but it's bloody good!

Minimalism and normcore are trends which have dominated the past couple of years. We've seen #AllBlackEverything followed by #AllWhiteEverything. But earlier today when Hari Nef made her Milan Fashion Week catwalk debut at Gucci in a striking "All Red Everything" look, I couldn't help but feel that extreme minimalism is evolving into maximalism.

We're seeing more and more bold outfits that feature this excess of colour on colour. One of the slightly more subtle ways to work this trend (than wearing head to toe red!) is by layering beige or camel tones in different shades, like the looks shown at Acne Studios pre-fall 2016 presentation. These colours can give off something of a muted, utility vibe and also looks really strong paired with python accessories. While the looks are still derived from minimalism, you're achieving a maximalist feel through this extreme concentration of colour - It's chic and effortless whilst being somewhat meticulously considered at the exact same time!

Back when I was at university studying womenswear design, I tried to really focus a lot on developing my skills when it came to use of colour - The bright fashion photography of Miles Aldridge and Guy Bourdin was a huge inspiration for that. I've also been creating pinterest boards dedicated to colours I really like. You can check those out by clicking here.

What do you think of this trend? Would you ever wear colours like this? Comment your opinions below

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