FOLLOW // 5 Instagram accounts to ruin your diet

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Disclaimer: Follow these beautiful foodie feeds at your own risk. I can't be held responsible for ruining anyone's 2016 resolutions.

@vickysdonuts arguably make the most Instagram-worthy donuts in East London. Their feed is a pastel coloured, lucky charms coated, edible flower adorned, pretzel topped dream (with extra sprinkles). I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you can find them on Chatsworth Road Market on Sundays from 11-4pm or even email them to make your own bespoke donut fantasy a reality.

@vickiee_yo is a baker from Melbourne who posts some of the most adorable confectionery creations. She calls herself an ameteur, which is probably the most modest statement I've ever heard. Check out those Pusheen the cat and Totoro doughnuts and perfectly iced Star Wars sugar cookies - Yes, she's even made the Death Star look cute! The good news is, they're so pretty that you probably wouldn't want to eat them anyway. But I'll let you take a look for yourself first before answering that question...

@crosstowndougnuts are a super cool coffee & doughnut place in Soho, London. Their feed boasts some of the most photogenic looking sourdough doughnuts which, I'm sorry to say, you definitely would want to eat in an instant. Flavours include coffee custard scroll, matcha tea glazed and (the ultimate life-ruiner) peanut butter & berry compote. Your tastebuds will thank me so much for telling you about Crosstown, but your diet most definitely will not. Sorry about that.

@eatnlondon is genuinely one of the greatest things I've ever discovered on Instagram. Duyku is eating her way around London, photographing the evidence, and sharing the exact location of all the beautiful food she eats. Her feed is a visually stunning guide of places to eat in London, written by a real foodie. Browsing through her images generally results in the creation of a "list of things to track down and eat". At least if your diet is ruined, it's not going to be entirely my fault.

@crumbsanddoilies have a gorgeous little cafe in Soho's Kingly Court, which I posted about back in October. They make bloody good cakes and regularly post some of the most ridiculously mouthwatering images of them. Four layer salted caramel pretzel cake anyone? Thankfully they do teeny tiny cupcakes too, for those of you with the incredible self-control to not want to try everything. Whatever you do, don't follow them on Twitter by clicking here, because they post a list of which freshly baked flavours available in store daily - You really don't want to torture yourself like that, do you?

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  1. I love following foodie accounts like this, those cross town doughnuts look insanely good- especially the last photo with the berry compote oozing out, oh my god.