REFLECTIONS // August 2015

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Here are a few favourites snapshots of my life over the last month:

1) Wearing a big floppy straw sunhat. This is the hat of dreams and I've been wearing it at any opportunity I can. Sadly the weather is getting a lot worse recently, but hopefully we'll have a few more sunny days for me to give the hat a few more outings before Autumn season really starts. Worn here with the dress I bought on my 'Quick trip to Oxford Circus' back in July.

2) Charity shop vinyl finds. I got this 7" single of Wham's 'Freedom' on vinyl from a charity shop in South Wales. Sure - I mentioned in my recent blog post, 'A Little Advice To My Teenage Self', that there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure. I do actually really love Wham! and regularly listen to their greatest hits in the car. No shame. And just look at the great cover art on this one.

3) The search for hotdog perfection continues, Kings Road. I laughed when I compiled this post because I noticed that last month's Reflections gave Popdogs ("possibly the best hotdog ever") a mention. Ever since then, I've fallen in love with beef hotdogs and had this great one at BRGR.CO in Chelsea. You can read the post I wrote all about it by clicking here.

4) Neons at Lights of Soho exhibition. I'm in love with the crass, trashiness of Soho's neon signs. I've always really wanted to see Chris Bracey's iconic neon signs at God's Own Junkyard, but never really had the chance to. So I was really excited to go to this super cool pop-up exhibition including some of his works.

5) My collection in Hope St Magazine. One of my highlights of this month has been seeing this editorial published on Hope St's website. My red transparent plastic skirt and yellow boilersuit were both featured in the shoot. I was so excited to have the pieces I'd made interpreted in a completely new way by a team of really talented individuals. Check out my post about it here.

6) Cheese loving little rascal. I absolutely love cheese, but it breaks my heart because I can't really eat it. My body struggles to digest any rich dairy, so a good cheeseboard is more than my stomach can even handle. Someone else who is totally obsessed cheese (but shouldn't really be eating it either) is my cat. He and I both had a tiny little bit of cheese as a treat the other week. This is definitely the cutest picture I've taken in the last month.

7) Flowers in a retro milk bottle at The Yurt, Peterley. When my mum was younger, all of the milk bottles had adverts on them like this. She even thought they were cool at the time and tried to collect them. We went out for lunch last week at our local farm shop's cafe (inside a yurt) and were both pleasantly surprised to see these vintage milk bottles awesomely repurposed as vases for flowers. Some lovely kitsch homeware inspiration.

8) Minimal rustic interiors at Story, Shoreditch. I came to this little gem of a pizzeria the other day on a friend's recommendation and fell in love with the way they'd decorated the place. Everything is white and clean looking, with a kind of shabby feel. It was a really calming place to sit and have our lunch. The food was absolutely incredible too - Blog post to come!

9) Weekend with one of my best friends. We had a really great time hanging out in London's Shoreditch area last weekend. Went out for some drinks at the Ace hotel and sat on Queen of Hoxton's roof terrace (maybe the last chance to go before summer ends!). We also went to Poppies in Spitalfields whilst tipsy, which was definitely a good idea. Here is a selfie of us before we left the flat.

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  1. I love this recap - looks like a great month of August ;) <3
    Love cheese and my kitty loves it as well haha.
    xox Nadia