EAT // PizzaLuxe, Leeds

Monday, 28 September 2015

I'm currently a little behind on my fashion month posts, since I just got back from a long weekend up in Leeds visiting some of my best friends from uni. I really, really love Leeds as a city. So much so that (even though it's my current ambition to live and work in London) I actually think I could very happily move to Yorkshire's biggest city. Lovely architecture, pretty decent shopping, brilliant nightlife, and an actual music scene. It's true what they say about everything being cheaper up North too. While that's certainly no surprise to most people, I still couldn't quite get over how cheap the gin and tonics were in comparison to the prices back in London.

On Saturday, we went to Leeds' Trinity Centre for some shopping and a bit of lunch. Because we were going on a big night out later that evening, we were looking for something substantial and cheap to eat, that we could all agree on. This was proving to be a bit of a difficult task since we were all really hungry, so my friend suggested we go to the Trinity Kitchen where we could all choose what we wanted from the various food vendors there. It's quite similar to the dining in London's Westfield centres in that sense. I was tempted by Phō, but wasn't sure that light and fresh Vietnamese food was going to sufficiently line my stomach for a night of drinking. Instead I decided to opt for a bit of stodge from this place called PizzaLuxe.

Of course I had a margherita because I tend to consider myself something of a pizza traditionalist. What really beats a thin and crispy Italian pizza topped simply with tomato, mozzarella and basil? I was also trying to be really cheap that day too, so it worked out nicely. My bill came to £8.95 which I'd think is quite reasonable for a big lunch. As for the pizza, the base was quite thin, but a little more doughy than crispy. I felt like the sauce to cheese ratio was off too, and I'm slightly regretting not upgrading to buffalo mozzarella instead. Also, I see no basil here.

Overall it was an alright meal which definitely set me up for a night of drinking, but I think sometimes you get what you pay for with some cheap eats. However, I did really like the whole set up of the Trinity Kitchen and would certainly choose to eat there again if I was shopping in Leeds. While I was kind of underwhelmed with PizzaLuxe, we paid a visit to the excellent Belgrave Music Hall during our night out on the town. This place is a fabulously versatile arts venue which is open at nights and also has it's very own "Slice Bar" where you can order a slice of pizza to go with your beer/G&T/whatever it is you're drinking. I ordered a slice from a pizza called "Don't Mess with Yorkshire" which was essentially a four cheese made with different local cheeses. I swear it's not the alcohol talking here, but it was at least three times more delicious than what PizzaLuxe had to offer.


  1. Jesus, it's look soooo delicious!!!

  2. Oh my gosh it looks amazing... when I go there I normally opt for a Nando's, I'll deffo have to try it out!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky