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Thursday, 10 September 2015

I've just graduated from University with a first class honours in Fashion Design. It was such a weird day: All of that preparation and getting robed up (with a funny hat) for 5 seconds on stage, to shake hands with two important men from my university (with funnier hats than mine) who I'd never met in my entire life. Of course I'm proud of my achievements, but showing my womenswear collection on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week in June felt like more of a graduation for me than this did. Still, I knew I'd ultimately regret it if I didn't go to my own Graduation, and I'm actually really glad I did. I even had my portrait taken, smiling, with 'my degree' in hand. My mum cried. Had to be done though, right?

As for my Graduation meal out, I basically got my pick of whichever restaurant I wanted to go in Birmingham. The Symphony Hall where our ceremony was held, is right next to Brindley Place - a popular canalside spot filled with popular chain bars and restaurants. It was absolutely packed full of Graduates and I fancied somewhere a little quieter and cooler, so we hopped in a taxi to go to The Church in Jewellery Quarter, a fab little soul food pub restaurant.

We started off with some glasses of prosecco (to celebrate, of course) and a couple of little starter dishes to share chosen by my Dad: Nachos with dips (guacamole, salsa, sour cream, jalapeno cheese sauce) and a basket of Southern fried chicken strips with homemade barbecue sauce - Living the healthy life, right? If it were just me, I probably wouldn't have gone for starters, but Graduation seemed like the perfect opportunity to go all out be a little gluttonous. I also think the food here is wonderful and had the feeling that I might not get to come back again, since I don't live in Birmingham anymore *sobs*

The cocktails at The Church are fab. Last time I came here I sipping on the most gorgeous Breakfast Martinis, but this time I thought I'd try something different. I ordered a Dark 'n' Stormy made with homemade ginger syrup, which was really delicious, fiery and quite strong too!

This is the Shia NoBeouf burger which, as you might have guessed from the name pun, is a vegetarian option. It's a spicy bean patty topped with pulled jackfruit and guacamole. Served with cajun spiced fries and pickled red cabbage slaw. Also worth noting that the ciabatta roll it's served on is made by the nearby Peel & Stone bakery. All of the bread used by The Church comes from there, which is totally awesome. These places are both part of The Soul Food Project, which is about bringing local and homemade soul food, cocktails and jazz music to the Midlands.

This was a ridiculously filling main. I think the portion sizes here are really generous. I'd have it again because it was tasty, but I think I'd normally prefer to go for something much lighter. I could've had just the burger and the slaw without fries.

Based on that I shouldn't have really had a pudding and I definitely forced myself a little bit. But it was my Graduation day after all and I sadly can't see myself getting to go to The Church again for a very long time. I had the Key Lime Pie with rum & raisin ice cream (pictured at the very top of this post) which is my favourite pudding. They've changed the menu since last time I went, when I had a peanut butter and oreo cheesecake. I really struggle to resist the puddings at The Church. Needless to say, I had a little nap on the journey home!

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  1. I have to stop reading your food posts hungry, they always make me want to run to the kitchen. Also, congrats on graduating!