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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I was nominated by Becky Shannon for the Liebster Award. This tag was created for smaller bloggers with 200 followers or less, for everyone to get to know them and their blog a little better. I'll admit that blogging can sometimes be a really slow and arduous process when you're just starting out, unsure if anyone is even reading the content you're putting out there. I've only been doing this for two months now, but it's gone by so quickly! I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who reads Trendpill and for all of your lovely comments. I enjoy writing this blog and receiving feedback always gives me a huge amount of encouragement to stick with it. I'm really grateful for all of the recognition I get, so thank you very much to Becky for tagging me.

Now it's time to answer the 10 questions she's given me...

Top 3 TV shows?
I am absolutely addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race, and even though I've seen all 7 series of the show, I regularly rewatch all of my favourite episodes over and over again - It's the best thing on tv! I'm also a big fan of Game of Thrones (who isn't?) and I've also only just started watching Sex and The City this year. It wasn't really my kind of thing years ago, but now I can't get enough of it.

What's on your beauty wishlist?
I've heard amazing things about Urban Decay's Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion. Not only that, but I could also do with a really nice new primer too! I'd also really like to try Illamasqua's Sculpting Powder contoruing kit and Benefit's Rollerlash (Even though my eyelashes are so ridiculously long that it doesn't seem to make much difference whatever mascara I use!)

Do you prefer hair care or skin care products?
I'm a bleach blonde, so I'd have to say hair care products. My colour takes time, effort and money to maintain. I couldn't live without purple toners (to keep take the yellow tones from my hair and keep it looking lovely and silvery) or lovely thick conditioning treatments (to keep my hair nice and healthy). My Denman Tangle Tamer hairbrush is also a definite must.

Favourite book?
I've been reading Sylvia Plath's only novel 'The Bell Jar' every single summer since I turned 17. It's my absolute favourite book, due to how incredibly beautifully written it is. I haven't yet come across a book I enjoy as much as this one. I know it's terrible of me to think this, but everything else I pick up just seems somewhat poorly written in comparison.

Which celebrity's make-up are you inspired by?
Alexa Chung's make-up always looks lovely and I really agree with a lot of what she has to say on the subject in her book 'It'. You can never, ever go wrong with cat flick eyeliner and bit of red lipstick. I also really love the make-up of Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss and Debbie Harry, but they are all just amazingly beautiful women anyway (which I'm sure helps!)

Favourite youtubers?
I don't watch or subscribe to any YouTubers in particular, besides a good friend of mine from University. His name is Ant Lightfoot, but he goes by the pseudonym Mr Heavyhand on his youtube and twitter accounts (so punny). I love his videos because they're honest, funny, informative and thought provoking, yet so full of wonderful Ant-isms. He's really a great guy - definitely check him out!

Which brand of make-up is your favourite?
I really like both Urban Decay and Benefit products. My make up bag is filled mostly with bits and pieces from these two brands. I've been using Benefit make-up for years now, and my favourite product they do is the Watts Up soft focus highlighter - People always seem to ask me what it is whenever I'm wearing it!

How would you describe your fashion style?
I generally love to wear quite classic minimal clothes. Autumn/Winter clothes are my favourite because I like layering and wearing lots of black - Summer dressing is something I find awkward and tricky because of this! Things I wear a lot would include Bretons, turtlenecks, jumpsuits, and biker jackets. I'm currently really into 70s style fashion, co-ords and Bardot style tops.

Go-to accessories?
I'll always carry a pair of tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses in my handbag wherever I go. I'm also a fan of hats, particularly my black wide-brimmed fedora, and have recently added a big floppy straw sunhat to my wardrobe. As far as bags go, I seem to lug my stuff around in canvas totes quite a lot. For more fancy occasions, I'll wear my Stella McCartney falabella crossbody bag.

What are your favourite phone apps?
Social media can be a bit of a drag at times, so I could definitely live without any of those. The apps I really couldn't be without are Spotify and Citymapper, both of which were extremely useful back when I was working as a stylist's assistant in London. I've also recently downloaded a game called TsumTsum, which is both super adorable and seriously addictive.

Now it's my turn to tag 10 small bloggers for the Liebster Award: I'd like to nominate The Sunday Mode, Fairly Interested, Seek Out Chic, Lips and Trips, Miel and Mint, Ember Storm, Victoria Newberry, Daisy Queen, India Jasmine, and last but definitely not least, The A Team (three lovely ladies I went to uni with!) Even if that last blog has 700+ followers on Bloglovin' I still think it would be fun to see all three of them do this. Here are 10 questions I've set for you lot to answer...

1) What are your top three wardrobe essentials?
2) If you could have just one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?
3) What trend will you be wearing this Autumn/Winter season? (or Spring/Summer if you're Australian)
4) Share your favourite motivational quote
5) Where would be your dream holiday destination?
6) What past era inspires you the most in terms of fashion and beauty?
7) What's your favourite go-to shade of nail polish?
8) Would you rather spend a week without your make-up bag OR your phone?
9) Tell me about a recent purchase you made
10) What's your favourite magazine?

...after that, you'll get to nominate 10 bloggers for the Liebster Award to ask 10 questions of your choice. Have fun!


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Emily! :) This is such a great idea to get to know new bloggers! Love your answers to the questions you were given. Great 10 questions you gave us to answer! Gotta give it to #8 lol - tough choice! :) xox Nadia

    1. No worries! I really like your blog :)

      ♡ Emily x

  2. I'll have to check out your friends YouTube account, it sounds pretty good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Do it - He's hilarious, somewhat endearingly awkward, and just a really wonderful person generally! One of his older vlogs "Urine for a treat" is literally one of the funniest stories anyone's ever told me, now immortalised on YouTube for the world to see.

      ♡ Emily x

  3. Just posted the tag/answer to the questions! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks again, Emily :) xox N.

    1. I'll have to check it out! :)

      ♡ Emily x

  4. Hi Emily, Finally got around to doing this today. Thanks again for the nomination. X

    1. No worries - I really enjoy your blog and I'll have to go check out your post :)

      ♡ Emily x

  5. Oh gosh, I am very late to getting back to this because I took a bit of time off, I will definitely put this on my to-do list of blog posts, thanks for tagging me!

    Sophie | www.fairlyinterested.com