EDITORIAL // Hope St. 'Swim Good'

Friday, 21 August 2015

I just wanted to share these absolutely amazing images photographed by Nuala Swan for Hope St. Magazine's 'Swim Good' editorial which was just published online this week. The transparent plastic yellow boilersuit and red skirt are pieces that were designed and made by me, styled here by Pamela McCallum with gorgeous swimwear pieces from Stay Sick. I've only recently started to loan outfits from my graduate collection out to stylists, since the Graduate Fashion Week catwalk show in June. This is the first shoot using my work (out of university), so I was totally thrilled to finally get to see the editorial published online. I absolutely adore what they've done with my pieces - It's always so great to have a strong team of other creatives interpreting your work in a way you hadn't previously considered yourself.

Click here to check out the full editorial.


  1. Well done, Emily!! That's an amazing achievement! Way to go, girl! :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks so much, Nadia! :)
      I've had a couple more shoots recently so hopefully I'll soon be able to share the images from those on here too, when they're finally published. I really love to see how each stylist chooses to interpret and style my pieces differently.

      ♡ Emily x

  2. This is amazing. I like the red skirt. It's got such a unique look to it. Definitely eye catching. Wonderful designs. :]

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