EAT // BRGR.CO, Kings Road

Monday, 10 August 2015

I've had a great weekend! On Saturday, I went to the Star Wars Secret Cinema event at a secret location somewhere in London. This is an essential visit for any fan of the Star Wars franchise. For those not in the know, Secret Cinema hold these events in which the attendees become immersed in the world of the film being shown. Last summer, they rebulit the entire town from Back To The Future somewhere near to the Stratford Olympic Park, complete with actors portraying characters from the film. This year's Summer event was a little more ambitious since they had to transport us out of London and into a galaxy far, far away. I can't give too many details since it would ruin the surprise, but I can say that we all joined the rebel alliance and met a few characters along the way. You know it's been an interesting weekend when you were, at one point, trying to bargain with Han Solo and Chewbacca to take you on the Millennium Falcon to Alderaan!

Fighting the Galactic Empire is pretty exhausting work! The next day we woke to go out for brunch, which ended up becoming a lunch instead. We decided to head to BRGR.CO on the Kings Road, Chelsea. This is an American-inspired Lebanese chain, with another branch on Wardour Street in Soho. Looking at the menu, I knew I just had to have 'the BRGR dog' since it was yet another beef hot dog with chilli (I am officially converted). We ordered some sides to share, including the absolutely amazing parmesan truffle fries. There's a few options for vegetarians too, including the falafel burger which one of our party ordered - Apparently the best one she'd ever had! All of our food was great, and I think this place offers pretty good value for money too. I've heard they do an interesting take on afternoon tea: Bellinis, mini sliders instead of cucumber sandwiches, dinky little puddings, a tiny milkshake and iced tea (in place of actual tea). I'll definitely have to come back here another time to try that.


  1. I really shouldn't have read this post while hungry...that hot dog and the sound of parmesan truffle fries has me drooling!

    1. Still dreaming of those truffle fries. We got them as a sharer dish for the table and they ended up disappearing so fast! Definitely a good cheap eat to check out if you ever come to London.

      ♡ Emily x