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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I've been super excited about this incredible jewellery brand for a while now. Based in London and founded by twin sisters Lisa and Tida, Finchittida create mirrored perspex jewels inspired by the beautiful symbols and temples found in Laos. Their accessories are designed to make every woman feel like an empress! The artist FKA twigs is a huge fan of this brand too, regularly wearing custom made pieces for her live performances and music videos.

I managed to have a chat with the Finchittida girls at their jewellery stand at London Fashion Weekend earlier this year, whilst admiring some of their gorgeous jewellery. They told me all about the brand, and how the proceeds from each piece sold goes towards the absolutely amazing cause of clearing up bombs in Laos. Which, if you didn't know, is the most heavily bombed country on earth due to US bombing raids between 1964 and 1973. One of my best friends from University currently lives in Laos, and was telling me all about how much of an issue these bombs are still causing for the people there.

I didn't end up buying any Finchittida jewellery at London Fashion Weekend, because I simply couldn't decide which piece I wanted - A decision I ultimately ended up regretting since I spent the rest of my term at uni lusting over their glitzy jewels on the website! Since it's recently been my birthday, I thought it was about time to treat myself to a pair of their stunning mini palace earrings.

My earrings arrived in this really lovely printed monochrome box, and a handwritten postcard from Lisa and Tida - Who actually remembered who I was from London Fashion Weekend! They thanked me for introducing them to my friend who lives and works in Laos as a textile designer, and actually managed to go and meet her in person on their last trip out there. I genuinely get such a buzz from networking and introducing people. (That sounds super uncool of me, doesn't it?)

I've hardly taken my gold mini palace earrings off since receiving them in the post last week. I usually wear quite minimal studs and earrings on an everyday basis, but these are my new favourites. They're particularly great at the minute since it's the summer, and look fantastic with everything I've been wearing recently. Dressed up with a slip dress and heels for cocktails out with the girls, or with a floaty bohemian maxi and sandals on hot summer days.

I've recently been experimenting with some of those gold foil temporary tattoos. I'm not sure if I would wear some of the larger designs for everyday, but they look quite delicate if you cut them up and put them on your earlobes (like how I've worn them in the top photo). I'm thinking of pairing the golden transfer tattoos with my Finchittida earrings for a festival I'm going to soon.

Be sure to go and check out the Finchittida website where you can purchase some of your own gorgeous jewels, read all about #FFBOMBSQUAD, and have a listen to their inspiring TEDx talk on "Why having a purpose is sexy as hell".

Are you a fan of any awesome brands with a conscience? Let me know in the comments section below.

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