SHOP // Quick trip to Oxford Circus

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I had a job interview today in central London and afterwards decided to take the tube to Oxford Circus and have a little look around the huge Topshop and Lush flagship stores there. I find myself going to the shops more often to browse than to buy, but today I was there to make a few purchases I'd been contemplating for a while. Of course it didn't hurt to have a little look around at the same time, however. I genuinely enjoy the whole act of going shopping just to see the clothes in shops since I design and make them myself.

It was really nice to find a whole display of the Topshop Boutique collection, since I had only ever seen them on the website. I don't always like buying clothes online because you can't even feel the fabric, look at the colour or try them on without buying anything. The internet can really take away a lot of the enjoyment I get from clothes shopping, like appreciating the work that's gone into a garment or the smaller details you might not notice in a photograph on a computer. But seeing the Topshop Boutique collection in real life finally was very cool. I loved the palm prints, silks and metallic jacquards. Another thing I noticed was that all the darts were on the front side of the fabric in some of the garments, which definitely isn't the conventional way of doing it (Technical Fashion Design things, sorry...)

This is the dress I wanted to try on, since I'd been lusting over it on the website for ages. They didn't stock it in my local Topshop branch, which was why I had to try it on when I was in London. It's pretty isn't it? I just love a little white broderie anglaise sundress for the summer, since it's so classic. All of the details are super feminine, and the back of the overlay on the dress (not pictured) has three little buttons and a slit. I decided to buy this as it was far too lovely to miss and perfect for wearing in the hot weather we've been having lately.

I really wanted a floppy straw sunhat to wear with it, but couldn't see one I liked enough and decided to save my money instead. Besides, it's always so typical of a British Summer to consist of a three day heatwave before it starts raining again.

The jewellery and accessories section of the Oxford Circus Topshop store is one of my favourite parts, since they have the biggest range of any store and there's also so many cool brands you may not find elsewhere. How crazy are these Patricia Nicolás for Topshop earrings? The ones with the golden mirrored crabs are just so much fun! This exciting jewllery collaboration is filled with shimmering metallic seashells, pineapples and fish. Major summertime kitsch and perfect for mermaids, obviously.

I also made three little beauty purchases today while I was out. I went to the brand new Lush flagship store on Oxford Street to get some more of their amazing lip scrub. The last one I bought was the cola flavoured christmas edition, but this time I decided to try the popcorn one. While I was browsing through all the lovely lip products, I saw this Key Lime Pie flavoured lip balm and I had to have it (since it's one of my favourite puddings, and I also make a mean Key Lime Pie if you ever wanted to try it)

The third beauty item I bought was this Magic Liner from Topshop's 5 Years of Beauty range, celebrating the birthday of the store's hugely successful make-up line. I'm a big fan of Topshop beauty, and generally buy a lot of my lipsticks and nail polishes from there. I'm also forever on the hunt for an eye-liner that'll give me the most perfect cat eye flicks. When I saw that this one had some really great online reviews and was only £6.50, I knew it would be worth trying.

What do you think of Topshop's flagship Oxford Circus store: Is it your shopping heaven or personal hell?


  1. Love your white dress! I'm a big topshop fan too but they don't have very many near me (Arizona), still the website is luckily pretty solid!

    1. Thanks - I'm a huge fan of Topshop too. Their website is amazing, and I'm a little bit addicted to checking it every few days to see what's new in.

      ♡ Emily x