LIFE // How to organise yourself (by someone who wasn't very organised)

Friday, 31 July 2015

I'm not naturally the most organised person in the world, and I know so many people who are gifted with the power of being able to have their shit together with minimal effort. As for people like me and you (assuming you are, since you're reading this) we have to put in that little bit of extra effort to organise our lives. That's okay. It's something you can pick up easily with practice and, with these simple tips and tools, you'll soon be on your way to blissful organisation in no time at all.

Write one, detailed list
Sometimes it really doesn't help at all to have 20 lists on the go at once. It's better to have one huge list with everything on it. And be sure to write every single little thing you need to do on it, no matter how embarrassing or shameful (yes - Even if it's the washing up from last night's dinner, you dirty thing!)

Colour code your lists
If you are a very visual person like I am, it may benefit you to colour code some of the items on your lists based on importance. Invest in some cute highlighters, like these cute cat ones from Paperchase. Then pick a colour for each category: Do immediately, do later and do this week.

Use notebooks to your advantage
Nothing makes you feel organised than buying pretty new stationery. That's great, but there's not point in having lots of gorgeous notebooks and pens if you never use them, so make sure you do. Keeping a notebook is a brilliant way of having everything in one place, and being able to refer back to it when you need to. I used to do a few fashion related short courses in my spare time and I have a book which I will only ever use to keep my notes from these classes. So if I ever need to remember something I learnt from that buying course I studied back in 2014, I'll know exactly which notebook it's in. I also kept to-do-lists in notebooks back when I worked for a stylist - I filled up a lot of notebooks during that job. Start a new page for every new day and always write the date, just in case you ever need to recall the phone number of that person you called on May 19th.

Make your diary your new best friend
I bought the best ever pocket diary from Muji towards the end of last year. There's a page for every week with a little squared page opposite, in case you need to write any notes or additional info for your week's activities. It's so small you can carry it around with you anywhere, and there's even a little section at the back you could slip a couple of business cards into, or something. I've also just invested in the new Ban.dō Agenda (pictured above). This cute 17 month diary starts from August 2015, and includes great graphic design, motivational quotes and some really fun fictitious holidays such as "National Ice Cream Sandwich Day" (This Sunday, guys!) it's bound to cheer you on during your journey of personal organisation.

Utilise apps to help you get organised
The notes section of your iPhone or iPad is a great place to write detailed lists, but you can always try list making app Todoist. This is a really useful app which can be used across many platforms. I have it on my iPad, Macbook and iPhone, which is fantastic since the app is seamlessly linked and allows me to access my lists anywhere.

Keep on ticking off items on your list
Towards the end of my degree, I had a list with about 67 items on it. This felt hugely overwhelming, but also brought my back down to earth and helped me to realise the extent of my workload. I developed a personal mantra: "As long as I am always doing something on this list, I am never being unproductive". Keep on working through that list no matter how long it is and feel the satisfaction of seeing it slowly grow smaller.

Never give up on trying to be organised
Even if people laugh at your lists and schedules, just ignore them. You're doing it for your own benefit, so why pay attention to what anyone else thinks of you? It's like revising for exams: Everyone has their own personal methods of learning, and my way was always to use colour coded posters and flash cards. It's about whatever helps you. If one method isn't working, maybe try another.


  1. Oh my goodness, I've never heard of before and those planners are so cute and A LOT cheaper than the Erin Condren one that I'm using now. That might have to be next year's planner!

    1. It's even cuter on the inside! Ban.dō are such a cool brand. I've bought a gorgeous sip cup/tumbler and a pencil case from them before too. They're US based, but have UK stockists online and also in stores like Selfridges.

      ♡ Emily x

  2. Love this, I wrote a post up about how I stay organised as well but I always love reading other people's techniques. Even though I use my phone to stay organised I still shamelessly buy stationary like there's no tomorrow...oops.

    1. I do the exact same thing, and I think writing this post has really helped me to subconsciously reinforce some of these little rules. I'll have to check your post out, since it's always great to read what other people do too (and maybe pick up a few tricks)

      ♡ Emily x