FESTIVAL // Lovebox 2015

Thursday, 23 July 2015

I've been so overwhelmed by things lately that it's been difficult to blog so regularly. I lost my Grandad last Monday which was absolutely heartbreaking. I was actually sat at my desk drafting up an idea for a new post when I found out the news, and since that day haven't really felt like writing anything. To be totally honest, I became a little apathetic towards everything including this blog for a few days. My head has been a complete mess, but I am slowly coming to terms with losing such a close family member. When I really think about it, I've been very lucky to be able to grow up knowing my Grandparents on both sides.

At times like this, I am ridiculously thankful for my supportive friends for being there for me. We had tickets for Lovebox at Victoria Park in London this weekend, which seemed like an ideal opportunity for cheering myself up after a really horrible week. None of us had ever been to this festival before too, so it was interesting to have an explore and try out a few things we might not usually do.

Here's a photo of the girls with an elephant dancer on stilts at Elrow presents 'East Meets East'. This was a themed area with DJs playing all day long, where performers in costume would beckon you to come over and dance with them. There was also a big box of props and fancy dress (hence the doughnut rubber ring, pictured). We really enjoyed this space, since it was nice to escape from the rest of the festival for a while to do something a little different. I also managed to acquire a pair of Minnie Mouse ears while I was here, which remained on my head for the rest of the day. It's definitely ok to unleash your inner child at a music festival. I mean, where else would it ever be acceptable for me to wear Minnie Mouse ears outside of Disneyland?

...that also counts for glitter too, of course. The three of us were originally hoping to either do some glitter make-up beforehand, or go to one of the little stalls to have our faces painted. I think as young adults we wanted to make the most of this, since it's not acceptable to wear face/body glitter to work. Attempting to be a proper grown up is SO hard, guys! We met this really nice girl in the long queue for the portaloos and she kindly shared some of her holographic glitter with us. Top festival tip: Bring enough glitter (and eyelash glue) to go around. People will love you for it, and Maybe if you're good enough you can be like Candy Queens, who did some amazing glitter makeovers for festival-goers.

I am wearing a navy patterned jersey playsuit from H&M (link), Mini Palace earrings from Finchittida's Empress collection (link), a blue metallic backpack from Topshop (sold out, similar here), and silver glitter Topshop sandals (sold out, available in black here)

I generally don't enjoy the food situation at many festivals and outdoor events, but was pleasantly surprised to find Popdogs. Most other stalls were selling really bad, hugely overpriced food, but here I ordered the Dirty Dog (a chilli dog with 100% beef steak mince sausage) which was huge and seemed great value for money considering how absolutely incredible it was. Sure - I was a little drunk at the time, which only served to make it taste even more amazing, but still sober enough (maybe) to know this hotdog was a solid 10/10.

After this we decided to get our skates on at BUMP the pop-up roller disco which - based on the volume of gin and tonics consumed that day - probably wasn't the best idea. I can't ice skate, despite having tried numerous times, so I had absolutely no idea what possessed me to try rollerskating (Gin, is that you again?). The last time I'd worn a pair of rollerskates before this, they were pink with Barbie on them and I was 6 years old. Needless to say I was pretty terrible at it, even though I kept trying. Looks like my dreams of being on a badass all-girl roller derby team (like in the movie Whip It) are completely over. Sadly, there are no photographs of our time in BUMP, as we were too preoccupied with trying not to fall over. Apart from my friend Louise, who just has a knack for these things.

All I've talked about so far is gin, glitter and hot dogs - With all that excitement you might have forgotten that Lovebox is actually a music festival too! We managed to catch some artists amongst all of the exploring and merriment. Ella Eyre was really good, and we also saw Rudimental, Snakehips, Skepta, MK... For someone who was raised on a balanced diet of indie rock, motown, punk and new wave, this was quite a different live music experience to what I'm used to. It was also pretty interesting to go to a festival where I'm not on a mission to see every single band on my agenda. Not knowing many of the acts allowed me to relax and do different things which was totally refreshing. My favourite performance of the day was from Mark Ronson, who did a DJ set. His mix of absolute classics was so much fun to dance to and of course everyone went crazy when he played his own hit, Uptown Funk.

This colourful picture (above) is the dazzling ceiling of the Little Gay Brother presents 'Vegas' tent. If you don't know who Little Gay Brother are, they host legendary parties in Dalston Superstore. Upon approaching the tent we were welcomed to Little Gay Vegas by a man dressed as a playing card with a pair of red patent high heeled gogo boots on. Everything here was camp and glittery, and the music was such good fun. You could also get mojitos from the bar, so of course I had to do that. I honestly could've spent the whole of my day at this tent, since it made me smile so much.

I've realised this is a slightly photo heavy post, but I was very excited to share with you my experience at Lovebox this year. It was a brilliant day out, and I'd love to go back there next year too.


  1. Amazing post! And you are so beautiful!


    1. Awh, bless you! Thanks ever so much

      ♡ Emily x