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Monday, 29 June 2015

(Clockwise to from left hand corner to centre)

Multi-pocket skirt // £719.25 // Alexander Wang
This is a really practical piece that I would definitely buy, only I wouldn't because I'm unemployed and still have all of my student loan to pay off. If I could afford to buy this, it would be a really great staple item in my wardrobe that I could wear for literally almost anything. It's smart, classy, dressy and casual all at once. I'm certain it's worth the money.

Falabella alter snakeskin fold over tote // £725 // Stella McCartney
I've always felt like choosing a really expensive handbag is similar to choosing a perfume, in the way that it has to suit you. I then decided a Stella McCartney Falabella would hopefully some day be mine. I am such a ridiculously lucky girl since I received the black Falabella crossbody clutch bag as a joint birthday/graduation present this year (My face when I opened it...). If money were no object, I'd definitely go out and get the larger Falabella tote in black snakeskin too.

Mock Black classic motorcycle jacket // £1150 // Acne Studios
This is the single most perfect leather jacket ever to be in existence. I keep saying to myself that, when I get a proper job, I'm going to save up enough money to buy it. This would be the one really amazing thing I'd have in my wardrobe and keep forever. Sadly, I can't see myself having enough money for it anytime soon, since I've just finished uni and I'm hoping to move to London as soon as I can. For now I guess I'll have to dream on...

Classic Jane 105 wide front strap sandal // £620 // Saint Laurent
I'm a little bit in love with python accessories, and these heeled sandals are absolutely gorgeous. If I could easily afford to, then I'd definitely have to get a bit of Saint Laurent in my life. The truth is I really can never really see myself spending this much money on a pair of high heels, unless I was somehow filthy rich.

Vintage sequins mini V-neck dress // £4,800 // Marc Jacobs
This is the most ridiculous thing on the list, because it's not practical at all. I feel like most of the things I've chosen are somewhat sensible, despite their high price tags. Once I win the lottery, I'll buy my dream sequinned Marc Jacobs LBD (it's technically gunmetal, so is it a LGD?) and wear it to an imaginary event that I will never, ever go to, since none of this is ever going to happen anyway. Why, you ask? I don't play the lottery and you've got to be 'in it to win it'. Maybe I should start...

If money were no object, what 5 things would you buy? I'd love to hear them - Let me know in the comments below!

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