WATCH // Top 10 films for a girls night in

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I'm currently planning a really fun girls night in with two of my closest friends from the Art Foundation art course I did. We're going to indulge in some guilty pleasure films and maybe also some very delicious homemade pizza (If I don't burn it, that is). In preparation for this, I've compiled a list of a few of my favourite films to watch with my girlfriends. In no particular order...

Josie and The Pussycats
This is one of my favourite films ever, mostly because I always wanted to be in The Pussycats. Based loosely on the original cartoon of the same name, it's about three best friends in an all-girl rock band, who mysteriously become superstars overnight. The soundtrack to this film is filled with punk-pop tunes from the fictitious girlband, and also a huge guilty pleasure of mine. You definitely need to watch Josie and The Pussycats if you haven't already seen it before.

13 Going On 30
I've lost count of the number of times I've watched this film. I'll admit I was recently a little heartbroken to sign onto Netflix and see that it wasn't there anymore. It's about an awkward 13-year-old, Jenna, who wishes she was 'Thirty, flirty and thriving' and wakes up to discover her wish had come true. She finds herself living her dream life in New York, until she's reunited with her childhood best friend Matt, who grew up to become Mark Ruffalo. I will never get bored of this film.

Did you know that Clueless is based on Jane Austen's novel Emma? Only this adaptation of the novel is set in Beverley Hills in the 1990s, as it follows queen bee Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) as she attempts to play matchmaker to her friends and teachers, and transform new student Tai (Brittany Murphy) into one of the popular girls at school. Seriously quotable and an absolute classic chick flick. Oh, and how much do you want Cher's wardrobe?

Legally Blonde
Another favourite film of mine, Legally Blonde stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a blonde and bubbly sorority girl who enrols at Harvard Law School in the hope of winning back the love of her life. However, things don't exactly turn out the way she'd planned. This funny and feel good film has a really great message behind it. There's a real theme of friendship and girl-power too, making this movie the perfect choice for watching on a girls night in!

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
A comedy about two best friends (played by Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino) who, in a desperate attempt to make their unambitious lives sound a little more impressive at their 10-year high school reunion decide create fake careers for themselves. This film also has funny flashback scenes and an endless amount of hilariously relatable quotes. It's definitely the kind of film you need to watch with your BFF.

Mean Girls
I, like many other people my age, could quote-along to this film the entire way through. Written by comedy queen Tina Fey, Mean Girls is undoubtedly the most important teen movie made for my generation. It pretty much kickstarted the acting careers of both Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams ("...none for Gretchen Wieners. Bye"). If you've never watched Mean Girls, where have you even been for the past 10 years?

Frances Ha
This funny independent film follows the ups and downs of a 27-year-old dancer living in Brooklyn, New York. I went to the cinema to see this film with my best friend when it came out. At the start of the film, we joked that best friends and flatmates Frances and Sophie were like us. I don't really want to tell you what happens next and ruin the story for anyone who hasn't seen it, but watching it definitely made me appreciate my bestie more.

Dubbed "the female version of the Hangover", Bridesmaids is about a single 30-something-year-old woman asked to be the maid of honour at her life long best friend's wedding. This film is so great because the characters are extremely funny and relatable. So much so that one of my closest friends has even changed her WhatsApp icon to a picture of Kristen Wiig's character, Annie. Huge love for this movie.

Coyote Ugly
Aspiring songwriter Violet Sandford moves to New York City to pursue her dream. Struggling for money, she lands herself a job as one of the "Coyotes" in the notoriously wild bar, Coyote Ugly. All of the songs she writes are actually real life LeAnn Rimes hits, such as ' Can't Fight The Moonlight' (which also features on my cheesy, motivational pop playlist). This is such a good film to watch when staying in the house.

Sex and The City 2
Both Sex and The City movies are absolutely terrible, guilty pleasure films and aren't a patch on the brilliant TV series. The sequel is so bad it's good and it does have some fun moments, like the SATC gang singing "I Am Woman" in a karaoke bar. One time my friend and I ended up watching this film twice in a row, since the DVD just kept on playing. Why didn't we just switch it off, you ask? I genuinely have no idea. Awful film, great for a girls night.

What would be your perfect movie picks for a girls night? Comment below.


  1. So many good suggestions here, especially Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion; such a classic and so good for a laugh!

    1. All of these films are super fun. Would definitely recommend checking out any on the list that you've not yet seen :)

      ♡ Emily x